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Wallpaper for walls

As the finishing touches are being made to one of the projects I'm currently working on I've realised that I've become a bit 'wallpaper obsessed' as of late.

I think it's true to say that people have become much braver lately in introducing bold colours into their home especially when it comes to those deep darker hues. However, I still think a lot of clients still suffer from 'wallpaper worries' and I'm not totally sure why.

It could partly be because you know you're going to have to enlist help in putting it up (always amazes me when people spend a fortune on paper and then attempt to put it up themselves - it's not an easy job - leave it to the specialist!). My decorator is amazing with wallpaper and I'm never fearful when I had him expensive rolls of paper as he knows exactly what he's doing. 


Then the cost of the actual paper can invariably be a factor when working to a budget. (although there are many on the market that are extremely reasonable in cost and can still create a great impact)

Part of the reason some people shy away from wallpaper is that they're just a bit wary of taking that step and making a real 'statement'. But I think things are changing. We've seen clients become braver, bolder with paint and this trend is moving towards wallpaper too. For many years wallpapering a feature wall was as brave as people would get.  Now, gradually more and more people are not only welcoming wonderful wallpaper designs into their home but they're also realising that often these stunning designs need to be shown on every wall in the room to make the best impact. 

I've introduced many wallpapers into my projects and almost every time they say they would never have considered it BUT that they are DELIGHTED with the outcome. When you're pulling new ideas together, having a statement wallpaper can completely cement the entire concept for the design.

I can often be found in the local decorating centre surrounded by the wonderful wallpaper sample books as new designs emerge onto the market. Although I have used well known brands in my concepts, I am always keen to also research into the more independent wallpaper designs too.  I met Marianne Smink from Smink Things at a Trade Show a few years ago and was entranced by her beautiful display of designs, so I was delighted to finally have the opportunity to use one of her designs 'going overground' in a kitchen/diner redesign last year. 

Another independent wallpaper designer I've recently been introduced to is Linda Hasking at Identity Papers. Some of her collection are printed by physical methods but she also offer a bespoke design which are all currently digitally produced. One of my favourites is the cloud rococo moody blue but her typographic wallpapers can be designs to incorporate a list of words, or passage of text chosen directly by the client which is amazing as you can make it completely bespoke to you! Can't get more unique and individual than that can you and we all know how annoying it can be sometimes when someone 'nicks your idea/design'!

So, would you agree that we need to become a little more 'brave' in our approach to welcoming the world of wallpaper into our homes?

Or maybe you already have wallpaper adorned to every wall in your home? 

Would love to hear what you think.


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