The importance of a 'visual'

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I've abandoned you haven't I ! I realise my 'blog writing' of late has been pretty slack and my apologises. Work has been manic which is great but sometimes it doesn't allow for these blog snippets that I like to share.

Anyway, here's a little one for today - the importance of a good 'visual'. Nearly all my clients seem to have the same worry about visualising the end design. You can talk through the layout, look at floor plans but sometimes you just want to be able to have a clear vision of what it will actually 'look' like.

Because of these concerns, I try and give my clients really strong visuals that enable them to see how the chosen items will look once all assembled together. 

By visualising them as a collective piece, a 'mood board' you can really begin to see how one item will sit alongside the other. The mix of colours, textures and fabrics.

Once you place these visuals with actual material samples, the wood finish, sofa material, chosen metal, you can begin to piece together the not only the overall 'vision' for the look but also the 'feel' for the scheme too. Together they can be really powerful in defining and portraying the chosen concept.