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IKEA tribute to its founder - Ingvar Kamprad

kids bedroom

The founder of IKEA, Ingvar Kamprad, described as 'one of the greatest entrepreneurs of the 20th Century' on the company website tribute, sadly passed away this weekend at the age of 91. Founding the business at just 17, Ingvar's amazing vision to create a 'better everyday life for the many' reached millions of people worldwide.

Ingvar Kamprad's 'flat-pack' furniture radically changed how people designed their homes and the powerful IKEA CONCEPT of combining function, quality, design and value to help more people live a better life at home has affected so many of us today.

boys bedroom

The IKEA concept can be seen worldwide, in the millions of homes where Ingvar's desire to create a 'better everyday life for the many' is most visible.

Whilst looking around my own home every room shows evidence of this in some way: alex drawers and Ikea PS storage in my kids bedrooms, rugs, or wardrobes and curtains in my own bedroom.

ikea PAX wardrobes

These PAX wardrobes have been used several times in my home - perfect solution for wonderful storage.

ikea chair

Accent chairs are always a winner and I found this IKEA one in the 'bargain' section years ago.

ikea artwork in bathroom

Artwork is always a great buy and often at great prices too - this one in the bathroom genuinely was £2 and just needed a frame.

ikea mirror

The IKEA stave mirror is always one of my go to large mirrors - great size and choice of finishes.

I could literally show every room in my house as an 'ode to IKEA' as I continue to add their pieces  into my home. And IKEA is great for client designs too - such as the lappljung rug in the recent kitchen | diner as it's wonderfully low pile is perfect for potentially messy areas.

Ikea rug

And lighting delights such as this wonderful Sinnerlig shade which I literally never tire of which worked perfectly in this living room design.

Ikea lampshade

Definitely over the years you begin to have your 'IKEA favourites' but you only have to wander into a store to see that there are always new inspiring designs ready to make an impact and a difference to how we design our next room. 

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