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How greenery completes a room

Happy Monday to you all. Hope the weekend was a success. I'm talking greenery this morning. I'm a bit obsessed with it and have been for quite a while now. Without it, a room just looks a bit....... dull and incomplete.

In my home I have mainly faux plants as the quality on offer these days is just so wonderful it's just a whole lot easier to go faux! My 'go to' place for the best faux is Abigail Ahern. She has created an unbelievably luxurious range of plants and botanicals. They are seasonal, high quality and beautifully realistic. 

The importance of adding greenery to your home has been really highlighted in one of my projects I'm working on at the moment. We've worked really hard on paint finish, flooring, furnishings etc but it's only now we are nearing the final stages, when these touches of green are being introduced into the room that the space finally pops. 

Even the smallest introduction of greenery instantly creates a warmth, a glow, a sense of 'real'. (even if it is faux.....but you know what I mean!)

It was all a bit too tempting out there amidst all the fabulous foliage that I weakened and had to add to my growing collection at home. Ferns as you can see are my favourites at the moment!

Another joy of going faux is they are so accommodating. They really don't mind if you bend their leaves or stems as you wish to fit into your favourite vase or sit perfectly against a wall.

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

Plants and botanicals can be placed on shelves, in pots on the floor, on coffee tables, side tables, kitchen worktops, hanging from the ceiling, on the wall........ you can basically be as creative as you want.

And a little note, don't worry about mixing faux and real either. Mine sit happily alongside each other as you can see below. (left is real | right is faux) They get along fine, they are friends, they are more than happy to reside together. All you just have to remember is that one may need watering (tip: go for succulents as they are really low maintenance and require less watering) and the other (from time to time) may need a little dusting.  

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

If you're feeling a little out of love with one of your rooms at the moment then give it a go. Introduce a little (or a lot) of greenery and watch how it adds colour, texture and a complete change of energy.

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