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In the mood for interiors?

The other day I suddenly realised I was having a bit of a 'moment' regarding interiors. A bit of a lull. It's never happened to me before. Basically, every house I've ever moved to I've always renovated, like straight away. If the truth be told, one I even started before I'd actually moved in....... yes genuinely. Hadn't even exchanged but the house was empty and I had been allowed 'in' and had already started making changes and about 2 days in, building work began. 

This 'lull' began when I found myself 'missing' my old entrance hall the other day as I was so happy with this part of my old house. It was always a great way to welcome people in. The potential for greatness in my new entrance hall is amazing, but the 20 year old worn blue carpet doesn't fill me with the same passion right now.

When we moved into this new home just over a year ago, financially it really stretched us. Basically the only way we could move was to agree that we would be living in skintsville for quite some time and therefore no money left to be spent on the house. At the time I eagerly agreed but the reality I'm now realising, is actually quite challenging!

Initially there was a great surge of enthusiasm as despite not being able to 'change' anything for the foreseeable, I still managed to throw a load of paint on all the walls within a few weeks of being here and as we all know, paint seriously is the best way of gaining a quick transformation of any space. 

dining room 

Daughter's room

Son's room

Spending all day sourcing, designing interiors does make it quite difficult when you're not allowed to actually do anything to your 'own' house. A few years ago when I first started doing interior design, it would always surprise me when a client hadn't really done anything to their home. Often of course it is due to money constraints but not always. Sometimes it's just because they had not really been in the 'mood' for interiors. 

I could never understand this being a self confessed interiors addict. Not in the mood for interiors? seriously baffled me. Well now I sort of get it. When you are not able to actually 'make' the changes you want it can be frustrating and you do kind of fall into a bit of a 'lull' about it all. Interiors really is so linked to the emotional side of how you feel within your home and how we engage with it. This connection with it is so important as it provides the way in which we feel about our home and how it works for us. 

But this is when we need to 'focus'. I'm bursting with ideas on how to change our home but for now this just isn't possible. Therefore, we  have to find ways of connecting with our home for 'the right now' and make it work and make sense for us while we save and make plans. For example, I had said that I wouldn't change any curtains or blinds as we will do it all when we change the house in a few years time. Most of the window dressings I have left alone and just accept they are doing a job. However, if something (like the blinds in our bedroom) just totally get you down every time you look at them, then take them remove them! I've replaced these with very cheap curtains from Ikea which will do the job for a few years and stop me going tartan mad. I've also changed some light fittings as these can be removed and reused after the renovation. Ok, so I can't change any of the floorings, or artex ceilings but just make sure you style the room as best as you can to draw the eye away from these 'not so nice' bits.

Ok, so it is frustrating when you can't change things straight away but this doesn't stop you making dreamy ideas, amazingly long lists and inspirational boards for when you can. 

It will make the wait all the more worth it :)



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