Fiona Duke Interiors is an interior design studio offering a personalised, flexible, client-led service for every budget.

We believe that great interior design really can change the way you feel about your home and ultimately make you happier.

Working closely with our clients, we create inspirational, liveable spaces that are right for you and your lifestyle.



Fiona Duke

Fiona worked in recruitment and marketing for many years before deciding to embark on a new career in Interior Design and return to college where she studied for a Certificate in Interior design. She successfully set up her own design Studio in 2014.

Fiona is a firm believer that great interior design really can change the way you feel about your home and ultimately make you happier. Interior design has to make sense for the people who are actually living in the space, so client needs and desires are always at the centre of every one of Fiona's designs, making sure every design is individual to each client she works with.

Fiona's own style is an mix of carefully sourced personal treasures and unique finds often from different eras, grouped together to create a relaxed look that works with family life.




In August 2017, Fiona co-founded the Interior Design Collective alongside Karen Knox of Making Spaces, another freelance interior design creative based in Leeds. 

The IDC celebrates and connects like minded designers so we, as a collective can offer great design services across the UK. Accessible, client-led interior design has never been in greater demand, but finding the right person for you and your home is not an easy task......breaking down the myths about interior design, even more so. We are are trying to change that.

The IDC celebrates those talented designers who offer professional, inspirational and flexible interior design services, making it easy for you to connect with someone close to home.

As well as showcasing the work of our amazing designer, the IDC runs a private online platform, offering a positive and effective form of communication for our freelance community.


For more information on how we can help with any of your residential or commercial projects we would love to hear from you.

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Chelmsford, Essex

photos by Jez Dickson photography